Letter to a new friend

I appreciate the opportunity to share this knowledge with you.
I worked many years with Occupational Health, where we develop studies on the suffering that the work can generate. I also developed a work about the Quality of Life and Retirement.
Work is often incorporated as an acquired status when in fact it is a temporary thing in one’s life.
When the function ends, people lose their acquired status, and they may feel lost for failing to “be” something to which they used.

The night worrying may be related to Traumatic Syndromes. Whenever there is a routine rupture, (such as retirement) one return to their own identity and it sometimes causes trouble and scares.
There is a Hindu proverb that says “Who controls the breath controls life”. I recommend working on the breath, in the rhythm of nature, where everytihng has its vital cycles, with beginning, middle and end. With the evolution and progress of the monitoring, include induction of relaxation, and work the final stages of meditation.

Retirement is a transition, from the productive and programmed life into a new situation where a person can choose what to do, nor ever even thought about it at some earlier time.

The biggest obstacle is a new meaning for their lives and everything around them.
The return to the very essence requires a commitment to which people are not always willing and prepared.

With the rise of human longevity, planning for retirement is to recreate your Life Project with sustainability, which might include:
• make a kept dream come true
• develop a voluntary activity in the community, or a paid one to complete the gains
• help family and friends
• trips
• play sports
• or/and consciously surrender to laziness

Here in Brazil, some companies include in their Program of Quality of Life, the Preparation for Retirement. This is to minimize the suffering of its employees once they are off the company.
My proposal of work for Retirement Coaching be conducted some years before the shutdown of formal work, so the person can develop a new Life Project.

As further reading I recommend “The Creative Idleness” (O ócio criativo) by Domenico de Masi.
I hope to have contributed in some way with my vision and have been clear, if there are any questions, I am available.

Anna, the Preparation for Retirement is a beautiful work in which is worth investing, there are many hardships involved in the end of work.


Natalia Marques Antunes – Psicóloga Clínica, Consultora em Saúde Organizacional com Formação em Coaching (Life Self – Sistema ISOR)

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